Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Written Word

For a couple of years now I have been doing YouTube and have enjoyed it a great deal.  Still I was wanting to branch out into the written word.  I tried FaceBook first and found out that I have an wonderful talent for ticking off computers.  Within an hour I had been banned from seeking friends and from even using the search engine.  Less face it, FaceBook is for the computer literate, a member of which I am not.  LOL

So I came here.  A blog is more what I was looking to do in the first place.  Here I can write down more detailed instructions to some of my 'how to' videos and perhaps fill in the gaps that my memory has while I am trying to juggle doing something while shooting it with a camera.  More importantly though this is where I can write down what I am thinking, feeling, the person I am at one particular moment.  Often these point are hard to say out loud.  While writing them I can go back over, reread what I had written, and see if I can make it clearer.  When speaking I often say the same thing over and over with just different words because I don't think I am being clear enough.  The repetition can get boring. LOL Also, sometime writing down how I am feeling is easier to do...a quiet contemplation with only the ticking of the keyboard and the sounds of nature out the window.  My own voice does not distract me, I can again reread it and go back and clarify myself to myself without having to erase a long shot video.

And then there's just the point that I don't like listening to my own voice, something I seem not to be able to avoid in most of my videos.  I sound much better when my voice echoes in my head than I do when it is captured on tape.  I can't be that nasally, can I?  I sound even better when I think my words and don't say them out loud. 

So here starts my written blog.  Hopefully it will go better than my FaceBook page which was an unmitigated disaster.  Hopefully between my armature videos and the written word I find a way to say what is in my heart. 

Thank you for reading.

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  1. Why do you stop videos and writting? I love your stuff.