Thursday, November 24, 2011

To Begin Again

Hmmm, where have the days flown?  It couldn't have been two months ago since I started this blog, could it?  Time seems to be going faster and faster. 

The farm is about as ready for winter as it could possibly be.  We've never put up this much food, my compost bins are overflowing, there is enough animal fodder to feed for the winter, everything has been insulated, covered, or put away...are we ready for winter?  Well, ready or not, winter will hit us in just a few short days.  Snow by Monday.  That's hard to believe when it was almost 60 degrees F today.  But there is no getting around it, soon the house will be the refuge from the stinging cold. 

The looms are all warped, the wool has been cleaned and the first of it spun, the knitting needles are loaded, and the firewood is stacked high by the back door.  The wood stove in the kitchen is crackling merrily and the leftover Thanksgiving turkey carcass is cooking down into broth in the big cauldron set over the back burner. 

The quiet time will be on us soon.  The falling snow dampens all sound but those of the clacking of the loom and the popping of the fire.  The moon reflecting off the snow will make the nights seem brighter.  Shadows moving across the pastures will conjure up stories of The Great Hunt and Ghost Riders.  But the loom weaves peace as well as fate and winter is as sacred of a season as all the others.  So we'll crack open some homemade spirits and gather friends and family near to tell stories of old and the knitting needles click together, the looms swish out new fabric and our lives are woven together through good times and bad.  Winter is here and we celebrate this season with the love of family, both blood and soul.

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